Traffic accidents are unfortunately common in today’s fast paced society, but no one should have to experience the effects of an automobile crash, especially when it is no fault of their own.

Hiring a personal injury attorney in Port Saint Lucie after an automobile accident is the best course of action to rectify your situation. Car accidents can leave you with damages to your self and vehicle. Negligence of another driver can result in injuries that are not only physical, but traumatic to those affected by the accident. At Reich and Mancini, PA, we have been practicing personal injury law in Port Saint Lucie for over 15 years.

Accident Statistics for Saint Lucie County

If you live in Saint Lucie County, then you should be aware of the alarming number of auto vehicle deaths that have occurred in recent years. Here is a quick overview of some of the more alarming car accident statistics for Port Saint Lucie:

  • In 2018, 39 people died in traffic accidents in Port Saint Lucie alone. Vero Beach (Indian River County) reported 29 deaths in 32 traffic accidents that same year.
  • The most dangerous location in Saint Lucie County is the intersection of Port St. Lucie Blvd and the Turnpike.
  • Traffic accidents in the Treasure Coast area rose a whopping 41% over the last 5 years. (between 2013 and 2018)
  • Motorcycle fatalities account for 20% of traffic accident deaths.

Contributing Factors to Port Saint Lucie Auto Accidents

  • In 2017, Saint Lucie County confirmed that alcohol was involved in 50 crashes, while drugs were involved in 7 reported cases.
  • When distracted driving (texting while driving) and impaired driving (DUI, drug and alcohol related accidents) are involved, the insurance and liability become complicated.

Wrongful Death and Entitled Damages

Any kind of wrongful death accident can lead to extreme emotional distress of the victim’s loved ones, which can entitle you to damages. Personal injury cases typically only involve small physical injuries, but those small injuries can cause a financial strain on the victim and their families. Medical expenses – accrued through medications, physical therapy appointments and hospital stays – can be recovered! Contact us for more information on recouping damages related to car accidents.

Have You Been in an Accident?

The overwhelming aftermath of an automobile accident or automobile related death can be eased by hiring a personal injury attorney in Port Saint Lucie. The experienced professionals at Reich and Mancini can help you through this difficult time.

Physical injuries and any emotional stress stemming from an accident may entitle you to damages. The personal injury firm of Reich and Mancini is prepared to help you pursue the recovery of claimed damages. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident or motor vehicle crash in Florida, please contact the Treasure Coast car accident lawyers attorneys at Reich & Mancini today.