Approximately 96 percent of all personal injury cases in the U.S. are settled before going to trial. Of the cases that do go to trial, 90 percent of them wind up losing.

This makes it clear that, in most cases, settling your case outside of the courtroom is going to result in better returns.

If you want the best chance of success with your personal injury lawsuit, then hiring a personal injury attorney is best. To find the right attorney for the case, you need to ask the right personal injury questions.

The right questions can help ensure you get the attorney you need and that you have the best chance for recovering a fair amount of compensation for the injuries and damages you incurred.

1. What Areas of Law Does the Lawyer Practice In?

If you were having a baby, chances are you would not go to a brain surgeon, right? While they are both doctors, they definitely don’t have the skill set.

This same concept applies to the attorney you hire. You should not hire a lawyer who doesn’t focus on providing legal services for personal injury cases.

This means that you need to make sure you find an attorney that concentrates in personal injury law. This will ensure they know all the details necessary to handle your case and achieve the desired outcome.

2. What and How Does the Attorney Charge?

The majority of personal injury attorneys are going to work on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that you won’t have to pay them anything unless they help you recover monetary damages.

If you are able to successfully retain money damages, then your attorney is going to take a percentage of what you receive. There are some states that put a cap on how much an attorney can take. Be sure you find out what the attorney’s fees are prior to hiring them.

3. Has the Attorney Represented Cases Similar to Yours in the Past?

You need to find out if the attorney you are thinking about hiring has taken on cases similar to yours in the past. How many have they represented? How did these cases end?

Just because you find a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law, it doesn’t mean they have the skills to handle it. They may be new to this type of law, may only work part-time, or just not be good at what they do.

While past performance isn’t a guarantee of future results, finding the right attorney is going to allow you to have the best chance to achieve the desired results.

4. How Much Time Can Your Attorney Devote to Your Case?

There are many attorneys who try to take on too much work at the same time. Be sure you ask any potential attorney you are thinking about working with how many other cases they are working on.

You need to know how much time they are going to have to devote to your case and situation. Make sure you stress how important it is for them to get the ball rolling right away.

Always ask when the attorney is going to file your case.

5. Are Any Other Attorneys Going to Be Working on Your Case?

There are many people who see a lawyer on television and who believe that is who is going to represent their case. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case.

In most situations, the work done on your case is going to be handled by a non-attorney case manager. Also, the hearings are probably going to be handled by junior attorneys at the firm.

While a junior attorney and the other staff may be qualified and able to handle the job, it’s important that you find out if this is the situation for your case.

6. How Long Will Your Case Take to Resolve?

You need to know how long the personal injury attorney typically takes to resolve a case similar to yours. There are several factors that can impact how long it takes to have your case resolved.

A quality attorney is going to be able to provide you with a rough estimate. Make sure the attorney you hire is committed to resolving your case as soon as you can based on the circumstances.

7. Is the Attorney Able to Provide you With References from Former Clients?

There are some jurisdictions that now allow lawyers to provide new clients with references from their past clients. If you are located in one of those jurisdictions, then using these past references can let you know whether or not quality services were provided.

Gaining this type of insight from people who have worked with the attorney can be invaluable when it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney. As a result, you need to make sure you ask this question.

8. What is Your Role in the Lawsuit?

Before you hire a personal injury attorney, you need to make sure that you know what your role is, and what is expected from you.

There are some people who want to be extremely involved in the case, while others want their attorneys to handle everything. Be sure to find what your lawyer needs from you before hiring an attorney.

Know What Personal Injury Questions to Ask

If you want to ensure that you hire the right attorney, then you need to ask the right personal injury questions. The ones here will help ensure you get the right attorney for your situation and have the best chance of success possible.

If you are ready to hire an attorney or just have more questions, take the time to contact us.