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Reich & Mancini is a leading personal injury law firm representing accident and injury victims statewide. We strive to provide our clients with the best legal representation and our experienced trial lawyers are committed to defending your rights. Our experienced team of injury attorneys handles all personal injury claims, including auto, motorcycle, truck and pedestrian accidents, on the job injuries, denial of insurance benefits, and general negligence.

Do I have a Personal Injury Case?

You have a personal injury case if the actions of another individual operating an automobile, truck, motorcycle, or other motor vehicles were careless. Careless is simply another word for negligent, which is defined as failing to do what a reasonable person would do, given a certain set of circumstances. For example, if an individual failed to stop his vehicle at a red light, as a normal person would, he could be considered negligent and responsible for damages. These can include personal injuries caused by his actions for any pain and suffering, permanent injuries, disabilities, or even death.

In order for damages to be sought, an injury need not be physical. Such cases that involve being subjected to extreme emotional distress or verbal abuse may also entitle you to damages. In the case of a death within a family, surviving family members can recover damages through wrongful death laws & and litigation. Although many personal injury cases only involve minor injuries, you may still be entitled to substantial monetary damages. Medical expenses, no matter how small they are, including hospital expenses, medications, and physical therapy can be recovered. In addition, in cases of extreme negligence, punitive damages can be recovered to ensure that the conduct is not repeated in the future.

Every automobile accident in Florida is different. Every set of damages, injuries, and losses is unique. While most automobile accidents in Florida are caused unintentionally by a momentary lack of attention, such as the use of a cell phone, music device, or other unsafe driving habit, some accidents are caused by behavior such as high speed reckless driving, or driving under the influence (DUI). These reckless acts are not only negligent, but also criminal.

If you have been injured in a car accident or motor vehicle crash in Florida, please contact the Treasure Coast car accident lawyers attorneys at Reich & Mancini today. It is critical to preserve evidence and take immediate action in any personal injury case so we encourage you to contact us as soon possible.

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Suffering an injury or illness on the job can leave you shouldering not only the burden of recovery and lost wages, but unanswered questions about the legal rights of you and your dependents. Your family’s needs do not stop just because you’ve been hurt on the job and cannot work. Florida law mandates that workers’ compensation benefits be provided without delay. If your employer or its insurance carrier does not cooperate, you need the help of an attorney. Our team can help provide you with clear answers and guide you through this troubled time.

Wrongful Termination

In most cases, there is very little, if anything, you can do when your employment is terminated. This is because most people are considered “at will” employees, meaning they or their employer can end their employment at any time. This can be done for a good reason, a bad reason or no reason at all. However, employers are not allowed to terminate an employee for being in a protected class or for the purpose of retaliation. Also, if you are unable to work because of an injury and are receiving workers’ compensation benefits it is against the law for your employer to fire you because you have filed or attempted to file a workers’ compensation claim. On the other hand, if you are unable to return to work until your doctor releases you to work, there is no provision in the law that requires your employer to hold the job open for you.

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Uniting families one day at a time.  Let Reich and Mancini help build your bridge to America and open a door for your future. The U.S. Immigration system can be complex, confusing and sometimes can take years to resolve. The laws seem to be constantly changing filled with red tape and unforeseen hurdles. Our immigration practice area includes representing immigrant families with naturalization, family petitions, and labor certifications. We are well versed in helping unite families by applying for various visas and green cards. If you are applying for a K-1, K-2, CR-1, IR-1, DACA,  green card, or citizenship let our persistence help you succeed. The firm is bi-lingual and eager to assist our Spanish speaking clients. Call us as your local law firm for a free consultation, meet the attorney and discuss your options.

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If you are in need of a principled, knowledgeable attorney who keeps your interests foremost in mind, look no further. That is exactly what you will find at Reich & Mancini. Our reputation for conducting ourselves in a highly professional, ethical, and compassionate manner is well-known. We aspire to the highest ideals of our profession and are completely committed to pursuing fair and reasonable compensation and obtaining justice for each of our clients and their families.