Immigration is always a hot topic in the United States, with over 44.5 million immigrants being part of the population as of 2017. That means that about 13.7 percent of the population is immigrant share, and that number has increased by approximately two percent since 2016.

Many officials are determined to keep these numbers down, and in 2018, over 158 thousand ICE arrests were administered, and over 256 thousand returns and removals, or deportations, occurred. Find out how a US immigration attorney can help you to stay a part of the growing melting pot of America, without a visit back to your homeland.

What Does a US Immigration Attorney Do?

A US immigration attorney helps in every facet of immigration law and can help Americans bring people to the United States, or help them keep them here. This can happen under a number of circumstances, from marrying an America, job relocation, or even just wanting to immigrate to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Being American, or even living in America and enjoying the American dream is an ideal known world-wide. It’s not uncommon to want to do this, but it can be a daunting and lengthy process.

There are many ways to become a legal resident or citizen of the United States, but just starting the process can be confusing even in the easiest of circumstances. The process can also be overwhelming and very emotional, and this makes it difficult to keep realistic and practical when applying to stay in the United States.

Can Immigration Matters be Handled Without Attorneys?

From paperwork to hearings, a US immigration attorney can help you every step of the way. This is true whether you are an immigrant that wants to stay here, or if you want to sponsor someone to come to the United States.

These attorneys handle all of your paperwork, and any court appearances if necessary. If you run into trouble during the process and face detention or arrest, an immigration attorney will help you with this as well.

Because consequences for being in America illegally can be very severe, it’s a process you don’t want to undergo alone. With an attorney, you won’t have to.

Know your rights and these 8 questions to ask an immigration attorney when you hire one.

When Do You Need an Immigration Attorney?

There are a number of times you might need an immigration attorney, but the most important time to hire one is when you feel you may be forced to leave America. An immigration attorney can help you stay here, and also help you apply for what you are eligible to apply for in order to stay in America.

If you’ve had any problem getting citizenship or residency status, an immigration attorney can help you out with that. But also, if you are fleeing a war-torn land or require discretionary relief, an immigration lawyer can help.

An immigration attorney is useful in not only your emergency immigration matters but also in helping you to plan for immigration. If you are seeing a job change or will be marrying an American, you may want to consult with an immigration attorney.

There are a number of reasons why anyone would consult with a US immigration attorney, but the most common reason is that an individual is facing an inadmissibility problem, or has had problems with their applications to stay in the country thus far.

What is Inadmissibility to America?

If you have tried to cross the border to get into the United States or have applied for a visa and have been denied, then you are experiencing an inadmissibility problem. You’ve been deemed inadmissible into the country for a specific reason, and you have likely been told what that reason is.

Although immigration scare stories appear on the news every day, there were fewer inadmissibility issues in 2017 than there were in 2016. In 2016, over 274 thousand people were denied entry into the United States, and in 2017 that number dropped to 216 thousand.

So although the numbers are dropping, it is still happening. When a border patrol agent denies entry based on inadmissibility, they are doing so under Section 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, also known as I.N.A.

The INA stipulates what results in an inadmissibility finding, such as criminal history, previous immigration problems, financial problems, immigration compliance issues, or even something such as a communicable disease.

If you are coming to America from an origin country with a bird flu epidemic, for example, you may be denied entry into America on that inadmissibility factor alone.

Are All Criminal Records a Problem?

Having a criminal history may not be a problem, as not every crime poses a problem for would-be immigrants. But committing a crime while in the country could result in your return if you are not careful.

Drug crimes, violent felonies, and crimes related to matters of national security are among the most common crimes that lead to someone being inadmissible to America.

But every inadmissibility and deportation case is different and can be assisted with the help of an immigration attorney.

Are Immigration Attorneys Expensive?

Every lawyer has a different method of determining their fee structure, and immigration attorneys are no exception. In your first meeting with a US immigration attorney, you may have a free consultation for them to review your case and advise you on what you can expect from the process and how that matches with your goals.

But some others charge a flat fee for the consultation, and will then give you a payment idea on what is next if they decide to take your case, and if you are comfortable with them.

For your first meeting with an attorney, be sure that you have all of your documentation with you. You want to have your passport, some identification, any marriage documentation, and documentation related to any children you might have with you.

Any criminal record documentation should also come with you, and it is important to remember that this attorney will be fighting for your rights, regardless of your criminal history.

Consult an Expert

If you are going through the immigration process, you may be feeling afraid, overwhelmed, and hopeless. This is a day and age where immigrants face an uphill battle, no matter how seemingly innocuous their applications to gain entry into the United States may be.

Whether you are getting married, changing jobs, or seeking refuge and asylum from a hostile land, America may not always feel like a free and easy country to live in. In 2017 alone, border patrol administered over 400 thousand apprehensions across both America’s northern and southern borders.

Ninety-eight percent of them were along America’s Southwest corridor alone. Even so, this number is far smaller than the 1.6 million apprehensions that occurred in the year 2000.

If you are trying to come to America or stay in America, a US immigration attorney can help mitigate some of those overwhelming feelings by helping you handle all of your paperwork and filings properly. Work with bilingual attorneys with experience in immigration law when you call the law offices of Reich and Mancini today.